X-FF Fiber Factory Predator Motorcycle Helmet X1 Review

If you are a big fan of Alien VS Predator movie or its sequel then you are definitely going to love this helmet for its impeccable resemblance to Predator. In this article, I am going to give you a brief introduction about the manufacturer of X-FF Fiber Factory Predator Motorcycle Helmet X1 along with this, I am also going to shed some light on all its features.


X- FF Fiber Factory is based out at Solvakia in Europe. It is more than 10 years old. However, this fact might amaze you that X-FF Fiber Factory was not primarily manufacturing helmets. It primarily deals with producing composites in internal interior aircraft type. Later X-FF thought of increasing its business by starting a new product line for decorative gardens, interior and exterior. However, as fate would have it this business failed and therefore X-FF was pushed to think out of the box so that they could utilize their potential in the best possible way and this was when they thought of manufacturing Predator helmets.

X-FF has entered into helmet manufacturing about 2 years ago. Although 2 years is not a long time still they have given their competitors a tough time by providing a superior quality and super cool looks to the helmets they made.


  • Manufactured to order at X-FF designer studio.
  • Protective shell is made up of polycarbonate for better safety.
  • Laminated using epoxidised- bicomponent Resin GRM 285/GRM 287
  • Internal area of helmet lined up with a robust, comfortable and anti – Allergic lining.
  • Non- carcinogenic materials used in it production which are ISO9001 certified.
  • Front openings of intake available at both upper and lower sides of helmet and air discharge from back side of helmet.
  • Close-able vents near the chin area.
  • Fast lock feature for better fastening.
  • ECE and DOT approved for its safety standards.
  • Ideal for both guys and girls.


The X-FF Fiber Factory Predator Helmet is a full face helmet covering your forehead, skull, face including chin.
Its shell is made up of polycarbonate making it lighter and stronger. It weighs only 4.2 pounds. I would like to warn you guys here that there are other manufacturers as well of Predator helmets but they use a very cheap quality of shell thereby being of no use in case of any unfortunate accident.

Hence, I would strictly suggest you to go for the Predator helmets made by X-FF Fiber Factory only. As they are much safer compared to its other manufacturers.

Another feature that keeps X-FF Fiber Factory Predator helmets at par is that they are made up of non-carcinogenic materials. Carcinogenic materials are cheaper in cost and can cause different types of cancer when they get in contact with human body through any means. Hence, we always suggest you to go for non-carcinogenic materials. X-FF utilizes ISO9001 certified non-carcinogenic materials only.

These helmets are also laminated using epoxidised bicomponent resin which makes them much more durable and gives them ability to sustain the impact of any collision.

Now, coming to the inner lining of the helmet which obviously is also very important as this is the actual part of helmet that will be getting in touch with you skin. The inner lining of this helmet is very comfortable, but it is also anti-allergic. Hence, no need to worry about the rashes or any other allergies that you encounter while driving on dusty roads.

Let us now discuss about the air flow inside this helmet. There are 2 air vents available on front side of the helmet for the letting the air inside helmet. These 2 inlets are present at upper and lower side on the front side of helmet. It also consists of outlet at the back side of helmet which throws-out all the hot air inside the helmet. This design of inlet and outlets make the helmet well – ventilated. So if you are going to use it in a place where the climate is hot then you can easily go for it.

This helmet also have vents near the chin which can be closed or opened as per your convenience.

Another feature that this helmet provides is its fast lock feature which makes the helmet fastening sturdier. After all even the best quality of helmet is of no use unless it is fastened to your head correctly, thereby staying on your head at the time of any accident and taking the impact of collision.

This helmet also comes up with tinted face shields, thereby making you look cool and also protecting your face from dust, insects, etc. Tinted face shields also give a better visibility.


X-FF Fiber Factory Predator X1 Helmet is customized to order. It also provides you wide range of sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

Each helmet is handmade and then assembled to follow strict quality checks.

The exterior of helmet is matt finished and coated for UV protection. This will make the outer color of helmet last longer even if it’s used in sun for a prolonged time.

It consists of 20 dread locks each of a length of 13 inches. These dread locks are hardened at end so that they don’t open up after sometime. As these dreadlocks are the most important part of the design.


X-FF Predator X1 helmet is quite light weight, weighing only 4.2 pounds.


The X-FF Predator X1 helmets are certified by the world renowned safety standard organizations like DOT and ECE throughout Europe.


X-FF Predator X1 helmets are really very comfortable due to their unique design that pushes the hot air away from head and thus keeping your head cool. This is achieved by using two inlets on front placed at upper and lower side of helmet and one outlet on back side of helmet.

It also comes up with multiple adjustable vent near the chin that a person could use as per his needs depending on climate.
Else than this it comes with an smooth and anti-allergic inner liner.


X-FF Fiber Factory Predator X1 helmet makes you stand out of the crowd because of its unique design and impeccable resemblance to predators.

At the same time it protects your head and face from all odds. It is also unisex and could be used by both guys and girls.

So what are you waiting for, go and grab it now.