Rockhard AC/DC Helmet Review

Rockhard AC/DC Helmet is manufactured by Oneal. Oneal is one of the best and biggest helmet manufacturers in world. It’s one of the oldest company and was started in the year of 1970.

Being one of the oldest player in motorcycle helmets, its main goal is customer satisfaction. The coolest things about these helmets is that the helmet designs are approved by greatest music, art and pop icons.

These helmets are not only good looking but are certified as per various safety standards like SNELL and DOT. Oneal wants 100% customer satisfaction hence it also offers you exchange, returns and warranty in case you do not like the helmet or in case the helmet is not up to your expectation although there are certain policies which should be followed like all these offers are limited to a period of 10 days from date of purchase.

As we have now enough knowledge about the manufacturer, let us quickly jump to the review of one of Oneal’s top selling motorcycle helmet Rockhard AC/DC. It’s a full face helmet giving complete protection to skull, forehead, face, nose and chin.


  • Made up of advance composite fiberglass or Kevlar.
  • Adjustable airflow making the helmet well-ventilated by removing out hot air from helmet.
  • Inner liner is removable and washable.
  • Approved by SNELL and DOT for its safety
  • Easy return and exchange available within 10 days of purchase


The Rockhard AC DC Helmet is a full face helmet wherein it covers your entire face, eyes, nose, mouth, chin and ears. It also covers your entire skull and forehead.

It’s made up of highly advanced composite fiberglass also known as kevlar or carbon. This material is very strong yet light weight. It is also very good absorbent of energy. All of these qualities make it very much capable to sustain the energy released from any impact, thereby protecting your skull from any injuries that might be caused due to the impact in case of a crash. You will be amazed to know that this material is also used by military to create armors, helmets and vests. So if you are looking for a helmet that looks cool and yet protects you in case of any mishap then you should go for this one because of the advanced materials used in this helmet.

After safety another important feature in a helmet should be visibility. Rockhard helmets have a clear 2 mm molded polycarbonate face shield. Tinted visors and colored face shields are also available separately.

This helmet consists of multiple vents which are adjustable as per your needs. For an instance in winter season you can keep only a minimum number of vents open to protect yourself from cold weather. Likewise in summers you can keep all the vents open for a better cooling effect.

Irrespective of the multiple vents, this helmet has unique design that creates a vacuum effect in the helmet and pushing out the hot air away from head.

Another important features in helmets that very less companies take care of is hygiene. Rockard AC DC helmets comes with a removable and washable liner. So whenever you think it’s time to clean the liner you can simply remove it out, wash it, and dry it and then it’s ready to be used again. After all nobody wants their helmet to smell like a gym bag at the end of the day.


Rochkard AC DC helmet uses a blend of advanced composite materials making it strong, highly impact resistive and yet light weight. It also consists of 2 mm clear face shield and multiple vents.

The helmet is made up of unique design approved by highly renowned art, pop and music celebrities. The unique design of this helmet is definitely not for all and hence they have a limited stock. Hence quickly grab your Rockhard designed helmet before it is out of stock.


The blend of unique materials used in manufacturing this helmet make it light weight compared to other helmets.


The Rockhard helmets exceeds expectations of all safety standards and hence are certified and approved by all known like SNELL, DOT, AS Australian Standard, JS Japan Standard and ECE throughout Europe.


These helmets are really very comfortable due to their unique design that pushes the hot air away from head and thus keeping your head cool.
It also comes up with multiple adjustable vents that a person could use as per his needs depending on climate.
Else than this it comes with a removable and washable inner liner.


Rockhard AC DC helmet is the best full face helmet as it is excellent in protection, safety, hygiene, and comfort. The added advantage is its unique design that has been created and approved by various celebrities.

So if you want to look out of the crowd and don’t want to compromise on your protection and comfort then Rockhard AC DC helmet is the best choice for you.