Best Bike Racks For Cars Reviews

When it comes to Bike Racks For Cars, there are a few key things you must know in order to get the perfect rack for you.  There are many bicycle racks for cars available, and while alot of them are great, there are also quite a few which simply aren’t worth their salt.  It’s our goal here at Bike Racks For Cars to give you the best available info on bike racks and make sure that not only do you get a great bike rack that will carry your gear wherever the road leads you, but also to ensure that you get the most “bang” for your buck.

There are many factors to consider when looking for the perfect bike rack for you. The most important questions to consider are the following:

  • How many bikes do you need to carry? 2? 4? More? Different racks specialize in carrying different amounts of bikes better than others.
  • What kind of vehicle do you have? This will greatly affect your options with bike racks, and determines what model is best suited for your vehicle.
  • How often will you be transporting bikes? Do you need a more permanent bike rack for frequent trips, or do you want one that is easy to attach and remove at a moment’s notice?
  • How much are you willing to spend? Luckily, there are some GREAT bike racks which don’t cost an arm and a leg. That said, the difference between the lower-end and higher-end models are like night and day. How much are you willing to invest to keep your bikes safe and give you peace of mind?
  • How important to you are the intangibles? Do you care about the style and “look” of the rack? What about the warranty? How about durability and ease of use? These all need to be taken into consideration as well.

As with any purchase consideration, there is a lot to think about.  That said, don’t let that frustrate or deter you from getting a great bike rack and taking a step towards the adventures on the road you deserve. The best thing you can do is to read through our selection here of the different types of the best bike racks for cars, choose what’s best, and GET IT.  There is no need to agonize over this kind of decision.  Simply get the rack you want and relax; it’ll be on its way to you and you can relax, knowing you made a good choice and will soon be out on the road with your bikes! Check out the current top-rated bike racks for cars sorted by bike rack type below:

Best Bike Racks For Cars – Trunk-Mount Bike Racks

For anyone looking for a simple, versatile, and affordable option for carrying bikes, trunk-mounted bike racks are a fantastic choice, and are gaining in popularity at a rapid pace.  They are among the most reasonably-priced, durable, and easy to use bicycle racks for cars.  Trunk-mounted bicycle racks are designed for those who want a simple way to transport bikes without investing in expensive or unnecessary roof or hitch mounts, and who value being able to easily attach or remove these smaller, lighter racks with ease.  They are often the best option for those with cars or sedans.

The absolute best trunk-mounted bike rack according to users and experts alike is the Allen Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack.  Allen bike racks are stylish, good-looking, and very easy to use.  This rack comes fully assembled and attaches to your car securely in a matter of seconds.  Steel construction with a UV-resistant polyester coating keeps this bike solid and looking good, and the patented tie-down system cradles bikes snugly and safely.  A full lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind that this rack will never fail you, and you will always be taken care of when you get an Allen Bike Rack.

The BEST Hitch-Mount Bike Racks

Hitch-mounted Bike Racks are among the most popular and versatile bicycle racks for cars.  These racks attach and lock into the trailer hitch of your car, truck, or SUV. They are among the safest, most durable, and most secure of all the types of bike racks.  These racks are extremely popular with the outdoors crowd as they are perfectly suited for long road trips and unfavorable conditions.  They also ensure the bikes do not come into contact with the vehicle itself, and as such scuffing and scratching is impossible. Basically, if you have a trailer hitch, you want a hitch-mounted bike rack.

The absolute best hitch-mounted rack we’ve found is the Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack.  Just as user reviews and expert opinions suggest, this rack is far and away one of the best deals you can get, period.  Swagman bike racks are affordable, extremely durable, easy to set up and remove, great-looking, and most importantly, backed by a generous lifetime warranty.

The BEST Roof-Mounted Bike Racks

Roof-mounted bike racks are designed to carry your racks on top of your vehicle, often attached to your factory crossbars or roof rails.  They are among the most expensive options for roof racks, and for good reason: they provide a semi-permanent, extremely easy to use way to carry bikes around without having to constantly remove and replace any racks.  They also allow you to use the rack for other things.  You can also drive normally, without having to be conscious of bikes hanging off the back of your vehicle, as you do with trunk or hitch-mounted bicycle racks.  They are also the specialty of the most well-known and highly regarded of all bike carriers, Yakima.

Yakima has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing the absolute best outdoor equipment carriers for cars for years now, and bikes are one of their specialties. User and expert reviews agree here as well: the best roof-mount bike rack is the Yakima HighRoller Upright Bike Mount.  Manufactured under Yakima’s strict guidelines for customer satisfaction, reliability, durability, and ease of use, and backed by a generous warranty, it is hard not to immediately fall in love with this splendid rack.  If you’re looking for a roof-mount bike rack, don’t hesitate; get this now.

The #1 Key To Getting a GREAT Bike Rack

The #1 BEST thing you can do with getting a bike rack is to not over-think things.  Look through the product categories above.  Do you have a trailer hitch on your car? If so, get a hitch-mounted rack; they’re awesome.  Do you have a car or sedan and want a trunk-mounted rack? If so, get one; they’re awesome.  The same goes for roof-mounted bike racks.  They are all wonderful and will take care of your bike rack needs. Simply decide what kind of bike rack you want and then use the links above to find the one for you.

Get one of these highly-rated bike racks for cars above and you’ll feel great, knowing that you just made a solid investment that will allow you to begin your biking adventures on the road.  All you have to think about now is the next adventure you want to take your bikes on..

1. Yakima Bike Rack Review – We Review The Most Popular Bike Racks On The Market

If you are looking for a great bike rack that will not cost you an arm and a leg, a Yakima bike rack might be just the thing for you. Customers from all over the world have been using Yakima bike racks for years now, and the company has built up a solid reputation. Known for both quality and affordability, you can rest easy knowing that when you buy from Yakima, you are going to get the most out of your dollar. Just take a look at any Yakima Bike Rack review, and it is easy to see why the brand is so popular.

With that said, there are a lot of great bike racks on the market now, and the competition for the best bike racks for cars market is definitely heating up.

Below, we’ll go over what you need to know about Yakima Bike Racks, including features, pros/cons, and of course, the best place to buy them at the best prices.

Types and Features

Yakima has a wide range of different bike racks available for customers. This is necessary because not all vehicles can fit the same rack. In order to find out which bike rack is the best one for your specific needs, you must first figure out which racks will fit on your car or SUV. Yakima has many different types of bike racks, so no matter what type of vehicle you have, there is a rack that will be suitable for your needs.

 Yakima roof racks are a great option for sedans and station wagons. A great feature here is that these racks are scalable, and can carry other cargo besides bikes. The ability to use the rack for other gear besides your bike makes roof racks a great value.

If you want a bike that is easy to install, remove, switch between vehicles, or stow, their very popular trunk carrier bike racks are a good option. They are incredibly light-weight, and since they don’t require a hitch receiver or top-of-vehicle-rack system, they are perfect for anybody with a small car or sedan.

2. Thule Bike Rack Review

For years, Thule has made it their goal to offer their customers bike racks that keep bicycles truly safe and secure, no matter where you are driving, or in what conditions you venture through.  Any Thule bike rack reviewwould be remiss to not point out that they they seem to be doing this quite well as user reviews are among the highest out of any type of outdoor accessory company.  It is this philosophy that has enabled them to become one of the most sought after brands in the world. Customers all over the globe have used these racks to transport their cargo, and after reading this Thule bike rack review information, you should have a good sense of whether or not the brand is a fit for you.  If you value dependability, brand recognition, attractiveness of a bike rack, and a generous warranty, the odds are great that you’ll find something to love in a Thule Bike Rack.  They really are among the elite of the best bike racks for cars.

With all of that said, Thule offers a wide variety of different racks to suit your needs. There are a number of different vehicle types and attachments, making it important that you choose the right rack to fit your specific car, truck, or SUV. The price of the bike rack depends on the model, as well as what type of vehicle you need the rack for.

The Different Types of Thule Racks and The BEST of Each

Roof racks are the basis of Thule’s lineup for all types of carriers they offer, from ski racks, to cargo carriers, and of course, bike racks.  There are quite a few advantages to Thule’s roof racks, the most notable of which is that you can use them for other things than bike racks when you aren’t carrying a bike.  They are also extremely well-built and designed to be “out of the way” at all times.  Not to mention, they basically scream “I love the outdoors, let’s go and play!” to you anytime you pass by.  For roof racks, Thule offers quite a few different models of great bike racks.  Among the most popular are the 594XT Sidearm, 518 Echelon, 598 Criterium, 513 Domestique, 517 Peloton, 516 Prologue, 599XTR Big Mouth, and the 558P Tandem Carrier Pivoting.

Hitch-mounted racks are perfect for anyone with a car or truck that features a trailer hitch in back.  These racks are sturdy, great looking, easy to use, and keeps your bikes arguably more safe and secure than any other type of rack. Thule also offers a wide range of hitch racks, like the 964 Revolver, 916XTR T2, 917XTR T2, 918XTR T2 Add-on for 916XTR, 954 Ridgeline, 971XT Helium, 970XT Helium, 990XT Doubletrack, 915XT Roadway. 914XT Roadway, 912XT Roadway, 956 Parkway, 957 Parkway, and 958 Parkway. With that said, don’t waste your time checking out ALL of those models.  We have again found the best and most highly-rated.

 Trunk-mounted racks are a newer specialty of Thule, and they have been met with some great acclaim. For sedans and small cars, Thule has a number of great rear bike racks. Models like the 9003 Raceway Platform 2 Bike, 9002 Raceway 3 Bike, 9001 Raceway 2 Bike, 9010 Archway 3 Bike, 9009 Archway 2 Bike, 9007 Gateway 3 Bike, 9006 Gateway 2 Bike, 911Xt Passage 3 Bike, and 910XT Passage 2 Bike are all great racks that come at a reasonable price.

Basically, no matter what type of vehicle you have, Thule has a rack for you.  The absolute best decision you can make is to figure out if you want a roof rack, a hitch rack, or a trunk rack, and simply pick one up.  You will feel GREAT once you do this, as Thule has been proven to please with all of these racks.



3. Saris Bike Rack Review

Saris is a bike accessory brand that has become very well known over the past decade, and in our Saris Bike Rack Review, we will quickly give you all of the info you need to know about this emerging brand, and why these bikes are as user friendly and worthwhile as they are popular.  Read on to learn what exactly is so great about these bicycle racks, and towards the end we will reveal EXACTLY where you can get discounts of up to 37% or more on a Saris rack!

At A Glance

Incredibly well-built, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing, these racks have set a new standard when it comes to what customers can expect from a bike rack. Cycling enthusiasts looking for real value for the money all over the world have made Saris their go-to manufacturer when it comes to bike racks, making them one of the most popular brands on the market today. Just check out any of the thousands of raving reviews from one of their customers and it will be clear why they are so popular among cyclists.

Saris is not an overnight success.  They have earned their great reputation since they first entered into the market with a single model, the Saris Bones. Due to the way that they are manufactured, these racks can adjust to different widths in order to fit better on your bike or car, a feature largely overlooked by many other bike rack manufacturers. The designs are light and incredibly elegant, making the Bones one of the most popular lines of bike racks in the entire world. But Saris did not stop there – they kept improving on their product.

Now, they have produced a number of other bike racks in order to fit the changing needs of customers. They have racks that can fit more than two bikes at once, as well as models that attach to the rear or trunk of your vehicle. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you have – Saris has a bike rack that can fit your needs.  Their newest Model, the Saris Bones 2 is by far their most popular and highly rated, and when it comes down to it, their simply is no better trunk-mounted rack on the market that we have found.

Looking over the customer reviews for the various models Saris offers, it is clear why their bike racks have become such a sought after commodity. While they are generally more expensive than some other brands, customers don’t seem to mind. This is because customers know that you get what you pay for. And with Saris, that has never been more true.

According to one Saris bike rack review left online, there is not a single better brand of bike racks in existence. The customer said that he has used other bike racks throughout the years, but after purchasing his Saris, he is never going to buy another brand again. Another review revealed similar sentiments, saying that the quality offered is next-to-none, and that it is very much worth the extra price. Judging from the online feedback, you simply can’t go wrong with a Saris bike rack.

4. Saris Bones 2 Review

The main point of our Saris Bones 2 Reviewis that if you want a bike rack that can fit all types of bikes and keep them safe on the road in all types of conditions, look no further than the Saris “Bones 2″.  It can easily and comfortably hold two bikes, and is such a fan and critic favorite that it was awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars by Bicycling Magazine, a publication with notoriously high standards for it’s reviews. While there are a lot of great choices in the best bike racks for cars department, it’s quite clear that the “Bones 2″ is a great choice, and a phenomenal value for the money.

First and foremost, this rack is SOLID.  Due to the injection-molded arms and legs, the Saris “Bones 2″ is one of the strongest bike racks available on the market.

The rack is made with non-rusting materials, so you do not have to worry about rain and moisture ruining the product after only a few uses. And since it is made with 100% recyclable material, you can rest easy knowing that you are not damaging the environment. Installation is also a breeze, thanks to the straps and included hardware. The Saris Bones 2 is also very affordable, making it a good value, especially considering its high quality.

Exact Features and Specifications

  • Carries 2 bikes with ease, and keeps them cradled safely
  • Awarded 4 1/2 stars (out of 5) by Bicycling Magazine
  • Injection-molded arms and legs are among the strongest on the market and keep your bikes safe and free from damage
  • Built with 100% recyclable, non-rusting materials so you are contributing to the environment when you purchase a Saris bike rack
  • Includes all hardware and straps for quick installation – Easy install and use makes taking your bikes with you a breeze
  • Lifetime Warranty ensures you peace of mind with your bike rack


Final Thoughts and Overall Score

Overall, users and critics alike agree: The Bones 2 is a great choice for a bike rack.  If you value durability, ease-of-use, and dependability in a bike rack, this is a solid choice for you. While there are many other great bike racks, you flat out cannot go wrong with this one.  As such, our final score is 9.1/10 for this bicycle rack.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our Saris Bones 2 Review, we hope to see you out on the road soon!

5. Hollywood Bike Racks Review

Hollywood Bike Racks first burst onto the scene back in 1973. Since then, they have become a leading name in the industry, and are right up there with Yakima and Thule in terms of quality and reliability. They offer a wide variety of different types of racks, and depending on your specific needs.When it comes to producing high quality racks our thorough research into this

Hollywood Bike Racks Review revealed that simply put, they know what they are doing. A favorite among customers who often go online to leave a Hollywood Bike Racks review, they have consistently been able to balance quality with affordability. There are a lot of other bike racks out on the market, but few can live up to what this fantastic brand has been able to provide buyers.


There are multiple different types of Hollywood Bicycle Rack models that you can purchase. If you have don’t have a trailer hitch on your car, you are still in luck.  Hollywood is known for their great trunk-mounted racks. One of their most popular models, the F4 Heavy Duty 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, features an adjustable top clamp plate that fits any bike frame, and can be upgraded to add even more bikes if necessary. The locking mechanism secures bikes to the rack, making sure that you will not have anything coming loose during your trip.

Far and away their most popular models are their 2-bike models, of which Hollywood carries the widest range of frame types of any product in its class. Since the bike frame isn’t touched by the rack, you don’t have to worry about scratches or damage to the frame. When not in use, you simply fold it up. The Hollywood Sport Rider 2-Bike Rack allows you to carry your bike without removing the front wheel, which many racks require. With grip arms to adjust to any frame height, this is another great buy.

The company also has racks that can fit up to six bicycles, depending on the model you buy.

All models of their bike racks are backed by a generous warranty, solid steel construction, generous features and pricing, and highly-rated customer service.


Final Thoughts

Overall, you simply cannot go wrong with a Hollywood Rack.  There is a simple reason the company has been producing highly-regarded bike racks for cars for so long now: customer satisfaction.  With the advent of fierce competition between car rack manufacturers, Hollywood has held it’s place in the market, backed by a steady stream of excellent products, a loyal fan base, and a solid principle that bike racks should be easy to use, convenient, and low maintenance.  If that sounds like the kind of product you might be interested in, we HIGHLY encourage you to check out the links below and pick one up.  Thanks again for reading our Hollywood Bike Racks Review.  We hope you get a bike rack soon.  Remember: the sooner you make a decision and get one, the sooner you’ll be able to lead a life of biking adventures!

6. Swagman Bike Rack Review – Why Swagman Racks Are So Popular

The main point of our Swagman Bike Rack Review is exceedingly simple: When it comes to transportation for your bicycles, you can’t go wrong by choosing a Swagman bike rack. The company has been around for years, offering high-quality products at a reasonable price, and have since become one of the most popular and highly-reviewed choices for bike racks for cars for good reason. Since they opened in 1991, they have become a leading name in the bike rack industry, and when you look at any of the largely positive and rave reviews written online by previous customers, it is easy to see why they have so many loyal fans.

Not only do they offer a more affordable option with their racks than comparable models by Thule and Yakima, but they don’t sacrifice quality, workmanship, or customer satisfaction when doing so.

These bicycle racks are made to last for a long time, transport your bikes safely and securely, and look great while doing so.  All of Swagman’s models do a great job with all of these factors.


Swagman Bike Racks are made to last, allowing customers to get the most value for their money. They make a wide range of bike racks in order to cater to their customers’ needs. Whether you are interested in a two-bike hitch mount rack, a four-bike hitch mount rack, or a roof-mounted rack, they have got you covered. They offer different styles for each subset of racks, providing bike enthusiasts a large range of products to choose from. The reason they have so many different types of racks is because there are so many different types of  vehicles. While one rack may be great for your small sedan, that same rack is probably not going to work on your large SUV.



We hope you enjoyed our Swagman Bike Rack Review, and we hope that whatever rack you choose, it works as well as a Swagman and gets you and your bike safely where you want to go.

7. Allen Bike Racks Review

Let us start our Allen Bike Racks Review by simply telling you this: Yakima and Thule, look out. As the rave user reviews, rising popularity, and skyrocketing sales of Allen Bike Racks can tell you, there is some serious competition in the Best Bicycle Racks For Cars department.

For many years now, Yakima and Thule have dominated the market for the best bike racks for cars, and for good reason.  With solid and dependable products backed by generous manufacturer warranties, as well as proven durability in the roughest of conditions, it’s no wonder that these two companies have long been the go-to brands for those looking for bicycle racks.

While they do have solid products that get the job done, they are not without some serious drawbacks and faults.  First, the cost for these systems can be high.  With rack setups that can run from between $200-$1,000, they aren’t exactly “affordable” for everyone, nor are they the best deal around. Second, there are major technical problems with a lot of models, and users report a lot of frustration with some of the bike racks offered by Yakima and Thule.  Quite frankly, there has long been a demand for high-quality, easy-to-use, convenient, affordable bike racks for cars which these well-known companies could never fulfill.

Enter Allen Bike Racks.  With LIFETIME warranties on all bike racks, the highest-rated user reviews, and all of the quality and great looks of Yakima and Thule setups at half the price, Allen Bike Racks have quickly become one of the most popular choices for cycling enthusiasts.

Long gone are the days when a bike rack for your car has to set you back hundreds of dollars.  Allen has a variety of very popular bike racks, almost exclusively in the $60-$180 range (and even cheaper if you buy online).  They come in a variety of models, all with exceptional reviews.  The major differences between the models is in what part of your vehicle they connect to.  If you have a tow hitch, you’ll want one of the hitch-mounted models.  If you are without a tow hitch, you’ll want one of the trunk-mounted models.  We’ll go into details in a brief overview of both below.  Read on for the rest of our Allen Bike Racks Review.

Allen Bike Racks Review – Hitch-Mounted Racks

If you have a tow hitch on the back of your car, truck, or SUV, then the easiest and most convenient solution for your bike-rack needs is a hitch-mounted rack.  Luckily, this is one of Allen’s specialties.  The most popular of these is this rack:

Allen Deluxe 3-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (1.25 or 2-Inch Receiver)

This rack is sturdy, easy to set up, and holds up to 3 bikes.  Here are some of the amazing features:

  • Fits vehicles with a 1.25 or 2-inch trailer hitch easily and securely – No annoying roof racks or crazy adjustments needed
  • Holds up to three bikes separately, and cradles each individually with a patented tie-down system
  • 16-inch carry arms adjust easily to hold bikes of all shapes and sizes comfortably
  • Individual bike cradles keep each bike separate and in place
  • Steel construction guarantees your peace of mind, as your bikes will stay safe
  • Black powder coated finish gives this rack not just a great look, but additional protection from the elements
  • Patented single-key release system
  • LIFETIME Manufacturer’s Warranty


Allen Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

This stylish, attractive, and easy-to-use rack comes to your door already assembled and ready for action! Here are some of it’s other great features:

  • Simple and Versatile Setup fits most sedans, minivans, hatchbacks, and SUVs
  • Comes fully assembled – Just pop it right on to your car and it will lock in securely
  • Patented tie-down system cradles up to 4 bikes separately and securely
  • 22-inch long adjustable carry arms guarantee a perfect fit for any type of bike you want to take on an adventure with you
  • Rugged steel construction makes this rack durable and keeps your bikes safe
  • UV-resistant polyester powder coating keeps the rack safe and looking good at all times
  • LIFETIME Warranty on Materials and Workmanship guarantees you’ll be taken care of with this rack

Final Thoughts and Where To Get Them Cheapest

If this review of the top Allen Bike Racks could be summed up in five words, it would be these five: Get An Allen Bike Rack!

In terms of ease-of-use, reliability, durability, and price, it doesn’t get much better than the assortment of racks available from Allen.  If you still need some convincing, click the links above to check out the user reviews of these racks; not only are they some of the highest-selling and most popular bike racks available online, but they are also the best-reviewed.  Get one for your next outdoor adventure.  You’ll be glad you did! Thanks for reading our Allen Bike Racks Review, we hope to see you out on the road or the trail soon!