How to Choose Best Nerf Bars for Your Car

So, you are looking to put some Nerf bars on that new SUV you purchased. Before you run out and just purchase the first thing you see, it’s important to know what you need and what options are available to you. This thought process is a great starting point when it comes to any major purchases we make in our lives.

Maybe you haven’t been thinking about adding any accessories to your truck. Maybe you found your way here because you saw the term “nerf bar” and thought, “What are those?” Well, nerf bars are the cylindrical bars you might see on trucks, vans, or SUV’s around your neighborhood. They come in all different sizes, shapes and styles.


While nerf bars might work well for some vehicles, there are others that would benefit from a running board. When it comes to those and nerf bars, they have many functions. The most apparent purpose of these attachments is to be a place for a driver and passengers to step up and in or out and down from the truck. Without these devices getting into some vehicles might prove difficult for some people.

Another function of the nerf bar, or running board, is to block the dirt and debris trucks can kick up. Sometimes they just kick up mud but other times that kick up could be filled with nails or rocks, which could leave some serious dents in your truck if the running boards weren’t in place.


We have done some of the research and found that the bullet points below are what you should be looking for when choosing the best nerf bars for your truck or car. Just like these best snow blowers reviewed at, we want you to get the best nerf bars available on the market.


Do you want the kind of nerf bars that extend the cab of your vehicle or do you want something that stretch out longer? You might even choose to get running boards opposed to nerf bars.


There are cab-length options, which reaches to the end of your truck. This leaves the bed free from any nerf bar access. There are also wheel-to-wheel running boards and nerf bars that will stretch from the back of your front tires to the middle of your rear wheel.


Now, another thing you have to keep in mind is the diameter of the nerf bar. Is it long, wide, or strong enough to hold the people who will be stepping out of the vehicle and on to the bar? Your selections will range depending on the vehicle you plan on attaching these nerf bars to. The tubular kind has a ton of choices in diameter and they can range from two-inches around to six-inches.


They also come with oval steps that make the step down easier. There is also an option known as hoop steps. These are not as long as your typical nerf bar, which are popular due to their simplicity. The drop length makes it easier to use than other nerf bars and they come down one to two inches lower to the ground than traditional round bars.


When it comes to getting in and out of your vehicle there are some of us that are light as a feather and others who have a little bit of girth. With nerf bars, the weight that they can support is typically up to 600lbs. Check with the manufacturer to know exactly how much the nerf bars you order will hold.

How much support a nerf bar holds depends on different factors, one of those being the material in which it’s made. Steel nerf bars would probably offer stronger support than aluminum. What support does your family need to be safe? Here at Dallas Motor, we think safety is important, as you can see with our latest post about riding motorcycles.

Support is especially important when you are using your nerf bars for reasons other than just getting in and out of your cab. You might use it to fasten items to the top of your truck. You may even stand on your nerf bars to wash your truck.

Take into account the fact that round nerf bars can be slippery when wet. Of course, it goes without saying that if you find yourself stepping or standing on nerf bars or running boards to be careful.


As with anything in our lives that we plan on purchasing, we want to know how much this will cost. Savvy shoppers like us are always on the hunt for a bargain. While we don’t want anyone to spend more money than they can afford, there are certain items you should never skimp on. When it comes to nerf bars and running boards, we highly recommend putting the safety rating before the cost.

That said, running bars will cost more than nerf bars because their surface isn’t as wide. They also have an industrial look opposed to the elegance of running boards. The latter extends from one end of the car to another where nerf bars run short. But if you are looking to keep your truck looking tough, nerf bars will do the job much better than running boards.


Now that you know the basics of nerf bars and running boards you should have a better idea of what type of support that would best fit your vehicle. It really all comes down to what you like best. Just make sure you fasten them safely so you and your family don’t get hurt when stepping out of your truck.


When it comes to putting them on, most nerf bars and running boards have brackets that can fasten directly to the body of your truck or van. There is no need to drill any holes into your vehicle in most cases, which you don’t want to do if you are still holding a warranty on the truck.