Best Motorcycle Helmets Reviewed

Whether it’s riding long distances, back and forth to work, or rough and tumble dirt biking, there is an ideal motorcycle helmet just for you. Like the majority of products today, there are many brands of helmets to choose from. With the multitude of brands offered, there are a wide range of features to consider.

Finding the perfect helmet should be fun, not difficult. We’ve put together a list of features to pay special attention to before purchasing a new helmet and a list of top-rated motorcycle helmets to help you find the best one to suit your individual needs.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Motorcycle Helmet

Popular Motorcycle Helmet Brands Rated

  • Comfort – This is a must! After all, if it doesn’t fit well, you will find yourself not wanting to wear it.
  • Safety – Be sure to check out the safety specifications.
  • Brand – This is important to some people but not everyone.
  • Durability – Make sure it’s built to last.
  • Full Face or Half Face
  • Amount of Airflow

The following list is our top 10 picks ordered from most affordable to most expensive. Each helmet listed reaches or exceeds DOT safety standards. We included a feature that makes each one stand out and rated each helmet on a scale of 1-3 with 3 being the highest rating. We considered style, comfort, and available features/sizes/colors. Each one made our list due to being an above satisfactory product in its price range. If the helmet has a rating of 1 or 2, it simply may not offer a variety of choices or it may be lacking in one or two areas. Directly below this list, we go into greater detail about each product.

1.Fuel Helmets SH-FF0015 Full Face Helmet

2. 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet

  • Dual vented diffuser allowing maximum airflow
  • Rating – 2

3. Triangle Full Face Dual Visor Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

  • Lightweight aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell
  • Rating – 1

4. IV2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • Advanced ABS Shell with High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology
  • Rating – 3

5. Vega Summit 3.1 Full Face Modular Helmet

  • Additional Visors – Clear and Smoke
  • Rating – 2

6. Voss Bullet Cruiser 888FRP Hand Laid Fiberglass DOT Half Helmet

  • Compatible With J & M Elite 629 or Performance 279 Series Integrated Headset
  • Rating – 2

7. Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Street Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet

  • Voss supplied the helmets for Sons of Anarchy
  • Rating – 2

8. HJC Helmets FG-JET Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

  • Shield is integrated with Nutra Fog II, Anti-Scratch, And UV Protection
  • Rating – 3

9. Arai XD4 Helmet

  • ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
  • Rating – 2

10. Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet

  • Features First Emergency Release Cheek Pad Design Created Specifically For Motorcycle Helmets
  • Rating – 3

11. Fuel Helmets SH-FF0015 Full Face Helmet

  • Features Enhanced Impact Absorption
  • Rating – 3

Fuel helmets have a lightweight thermoplastic shell with a dual vented diffuser which allows more airflow on hot summer days. The SH-FF0015 has a quick release shield, UV clear coated paint, and a D-Ring closure with a retention strap. It has a removable visor and the cheek pads are easily removed for cleaning. It’s offered in sizes small, medium, large, and x-large and comes in gloss black. This is a great affordable helmet.

  1. 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet

This 1Storm full face helmet features an advanced dual lens and a quick release buckle design. It is lightweight, durable, and has an aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell. While it doesn’t have as many features as other helmets listed, it does offer a wide variety of sizes and colors. Sizes available range from small to XXL. It has a glossy UV protective finish and is available in element red, element white, matte black, purple butterfly, carbon fiber black, element black, and element green. The interior padding can also be removed and washed.

  1. Triangle Full Face Dual Visor Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet

Triangle offers an excellent helmet with advanced ABS shell design with high pressure thermoplastic technology. The ventilation system has top and rear extractors for full air flow. The anti-scratch visor is removable. The helmet also features DVS treatment with a quick change mechanism. Comfort is enhanced by the soft laser cut padding and multi density EPS liner. The interior liner is also removable, washable, and anti-bacterial. The padded chin strap has a micro metric closure. This helmet is offered in sizes small to extra-large and is available in matte blue, green, red, and black.

  1. IV2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visors

The IV2 helmet has a fiber reinforced ABS thermoplastic composite shell. It has an adjustable steel dual D-Ring with a buttoned chin strap. For safety it features EPS impact foam, a quick release visor mechanism, and removable cheek pads. The streamline design reduces noise and the ventilation system offers high air flow. It comes with two visors – clear and smoke. It has a cushioned interior and a sweat absorbing inner liner. This IV2 helmet is available in gloss black in sizes small to extra large.

  1. Vega Summit 3.1 Full Face Modular Helmet

The Vega Summit features the Coolmax anti-microbial comfort fit liner that is removable, washable, and interchanges within shell configurations for a perfect fit. The smoke tinted interior drop down sunshield is removable and can be replaced with light smoke or amber. It features a one hand modular hand jaw operation, dual density EPS, and is compatible with J & M Elite 629 or Performance 279 Series integrated headsets. It has forehead, cheek, and rear venting maximizing air flow while minimizing fogging. It is available in sizes XXS through large. Colors include ultra blue silver metallic, candy red, flat black, and grey metallic. It comes with a one year manufacturer defect warranty.

  1. Voss Bullet Cruiser 888FRP Hand Laid Fiberglass DOT Half Helmet

Supplying the helmets for the popular series ‘Sons of Anarchy’, Voss is well known among motorcycle enthusiasts. This helmet has a low profile handwoven fiberglass shell that sits deep on the head. It has a fast ratchet micro metal quick release that is attached to an extra strength nylon woven chin strap. The Kool Komfort micro fiber liner is removable. Voss’ integrated visor system features a pull down visor with sun lens that is easily removed or changed. The Bullet Cruiser is available in sizes small through XXL and comes in gloss black.

  1. Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Street Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet

Bell is a well known motorcycle helmet manufacturer, and this helmet is one of the reasons why. It features a lightweight polycarbonate ABS shell and includes an adjustable Velocity Flow Ventilation System. It includes a padded wind collar to reduce wind and road noise, contoured cheek pads, integrated speaker pockets, and a padded chin strap with a D-Ring closure. The click release shield includes NutraFogII, anti-scratch, and UV protection. It’s available in sizes XS through XXL. The colors include matte black, gloss black, and white.

  1. HJC Helmets FG-JET Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC FG-JET features an advanced fiberglass composite shell that is lightweight and has an excellent fit. Comfort is enhanced by advanced CAD technology. The SilverCool interior has moisture-wicking and odor-free liners with advanced anti-bacterial fabric. The smoke-tinted face shield is UV treated with 3D Anti-Scratch with QuickSlide which deploys with one touch. The shield replacement does not require tools. HJC also uses ACS (advanced channeling ventilation system) which allows full front to back air flow. It’s available in sizes XS through XXL and comes in black, white, silver, Hi-Viz Neon, and matte black.

  1. Arai XD4 Helmet

The Arai XD4 has an oval shape with exhaust ports and large side cowl vents for maximum air flow. The emergency cheek pad release system allows faster access for emergency workers which is an excellent feature. The interior has FCS (facial contour support) technology and is removable and washable. Top diffuser vent ports increase the air flow in addition to the Dry Cool technology and brow vents. The Arai XD4 comes in a wide variety of sizes from XS – XXL. The available colors include aluminum silver, black, silver, white, yellow, black frost, and flourescent yellow.

  1. Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet

Shoei really stepped up the safety and comfort features with the Neotec helmet. It has a dual layer EPS liner that provides extra impact absorption while maintaining a lightweight feel. The wind tunnel shaped shell helps reduce noise. The chinbar and face shield rotate easily on a single axis point, and with a large lock release button, it can be handled easily with gloves on. The 360 pivot locking system has been road tested and the closure remains secure when the chin bar is down locked. It has an integrated sun shield, flip up chin bar, and shell integrated spoiler straps. The liner’s three dimension shape matches the contour of your head. the vent shutters have three positions along with an upper vent for excellent air flow. The Shoei Neotec comes in a large variety of sizes and colors which only adds to the amazing features.

Our top pick for overall best product would be the Arai XD4 helmet. The safety and comfort features cannot be beat. While it is pricier than most on our list, it’s still cheaper than many others similar to it on the market. The Dry-Cool technology with facial contour support is a huge plus in addition to how awesome it looks. The emergency cheek pad release system makes it a safer choice above the rest in the event of a spill. With many sizes and color options, the Arai XD4 is an excellent choice.

We chose the Bell Solid Adult Qualifier Helmet as the best value out of our list. It’s not the most expensive or the cheapest. It has excellent features including NutraFogII and an adjustable Velocity Flow Ventilation System. Bell went the extra mile in comfort with this helmet. While it doesn’t have a lot of color options, it does come in a variety of sizes. The ease of mind of a dependable helmet that is also comfortable is worth every penny. The 5 year warranty simply shows the trust Bell puts in their product.

We hope this list helps you in your search for the perfect motorcycle helmet. It’s always important to decide what features you prefer once you start your se