Best Motorcycle Covers Reviewed

Keeping your nice, shiny bike protected should be a priority if you’re a motorhead like us. If you’re looking for a new cover for your motorcycle, there are definitely a lot on the market to choose from. To help you make a decision, you need to consider a few things. First, you need to figure out the size of your bike, as you don’t want to purchase a cover that is too small, and then have the problem that it won’t cover your entire bike. You also need to consider where you will be storing it. If it will be primarily outside, it will need a waterproof cover that will fit snugly, so it won’t blow off in a high wind. Here are a few tips in choosing a motorcycle cover, plus a few reviews to help you choose the best motorcycle cover for you.


One thing you need to be careful to consider is the size of bike you are trying to cover. Motorcycle covers are created to fit different size bikes, sometimes they are made to fit one specific type of bike. Most commonly they are sized by small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes, so that you will know how well it should cover your type of bike.
In some cases, it’s a good idea to measure your bike if you’re not sure how well the cover will fit. Remember that sizes will also differ depending on the brand. There are some covers that are only one size, and some that are created to fit all types of bikes. These covers will usually come with an elastic band at the bottom that can be closed to provide a snug fit.

If you’re trying to measure your motorcycle, remember that the height of the bike is measured by the tallest part which is usually the handlebars. The width is the widest part of the bike, while the length should be from the very tip of the front tire to the tip of the back tire.



If you are keeping your motorcycle outside, it’s important to have a cover that is waterproof. Water can do damage to your motorcycle, so make sure to get something more effective than a thin cover that will only keep out dust.

Fitted Motorbike Cover

A fitted cover will give your motorcycle a snug fit, and it won’t be able to blow away in the wind. Usually this type of cover will have an elastic band or drawstring around the bottom that you can pull close. This type of cover will also give you the most cover and protection.

Clip-On Motorbike Cover
This type of cover acts like a tarp that can be either attached to the bike, or staked into the ground. They are inexpensive, and more lightweight. They also do not provide as much protection as high priced covers.

Safety Grommets

This is a great feature that helps owners secure their bikes safely with a padlock or cable. Safety grommets can vary in size and style, and are a great additional safety measure.

Dealership Motorbike Covers
Some manufacturers create covers for their specific bike line such as Ducati and Honda. Sometimes, this is a good cover to search for as you know it will cover your bike well, and it may even include the brand on the cover along with any brand colors.


Motorbike covers can be made of several different types of materials, plus they can vary in thickness, weight, and level of protection. More expensive motorcycle covers tend to be more lightweight with a waterproof polyester material that is ideal for travelling, and easy to transport on your motorcycle. If the material is too thick and heavy, it can be difficult to transport, so it won’t be good on a trip. Other cheaper fabrics, including fabrics that are stretchable like Lycra, are usually used in the one size fits all type of covers.


Dowco 50124-00 Guardian 4.5 stars Black – Sport

Dowco 26034-00 Guardian UltraLite 4 stars Blue/Gray $38.58

Brightent XM3BS 4 stars Black/Gray waterproof $13.89

Show Chrome UltraGardcomes 5 stars Maroon/Black $67.99

Leaders Accessories Cover 4 stars Gray/Black/Blue $49.99

TMS XLarge 4 stars Black/Silver $15.90

Formosa Covers ss500 4.5 stars Black/Gray $32.95

Classic Accessories MotoGear Deluxe 4.5 stars Black $39.00

Pilot Automotive CC-6334 4 stars Blue/Silver $16.44

Champion Covers Harley Davidson Heritage 4.5 stars Black/Gray $36.99


1. Dowco 50124-00 Guardian

The Dowco 50124-00 Guardian is created to fit most sport bike models, and is a full-sized option. To keep it from blowing off in heavy winds, it has polyester webbing that is sewn in, plus it has grommet holes that can be used with a wheel lock. The Dowco 50124-00 Guardian is made with ClimaShield Plus technology that is also used in making WeatherAll Plus Covers. The ClimaShield Plus gives the best protection again UV rays, rain, and mildew. The polyester fabric is waterproof, and breathable. Soft cotton lines underneath the cover protect your windshield from receiving scratches, along with heat shields that are strategically placed to come in contact with warm pipes. The cover also includes a Reflective Moisture-Guard vent system that keeps moisture from building up, and for nighttime visibility. The bottom of the cover has an elastic shock cord for a snug fit making it perfect to use in any climate. The Dowco Guardian also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

2. Dowco 26034-00 Guardian UltraLite

The Dowco 26034-00 Guardian UltraLite is available in either bright blue or grey. It includes an elastic shock cord hem that will keep it secure, plus sewn in flaps that let moisture out, and prevent mold from building up. The UltraLite Plus motorcycle cover has a compact design but is still a full sized travel cover. The UltraLite is created with polyurethane, and a mildew-resistant undercoating that resists water and mildew making it close to waterproof. It includes two sewn-in vent flaps that let moisture leave, and has a soft cotton material underneath to keep scratches off the windshield. The UltraLite also includes an elastic shock cord in the bottom of the cover for a snug fit, and plastic grommets for a cable to lock up the bike.

3. Brightent XM3BS

The Brightent XM3BS works the best as an indoor cover due to its thin material; however, it does have a hook and rope closure system that keeps it from blowing away in heavy winds. It works well on medium sized cruisers, and can also handle saddlebags. It is waterproof, and is made with a woven polyester material. It also has a wind-proof feature that includes an elastic rope that you can look around through the bottom, and secure with a metal hook on the other side. It’s also a durable cover made with double stitching.

4. Show Chrome UltraGardcomes

The Show Chrome UltraGardcomes comes in several color and size options, so you can get exactly the look you want. It can also fit small bikes as well as large ones. It has fiberglass heat shield protection, flannel windshield protection, and a bungee cord for tie downs. The UltraGardomes, made of breathable, water resistant materials, has an enhanced lightweight protection. It is also durable with a double stitched, four fold interlocking seams, plus an elastic hem to keep it from blowing away.

5. Leader Accessories Cover

The Leader Accessories Cover was created to work with several types of bikes, so it has a universal fit. It comes in black, grey, or blue. It is made with a breathable fabric to allow the most air circulation underneath, and has three layers that include Spunbond Polypropylene, a waterproof film, and a UV coating. This makes it easy for any circulation or moisture to evaporate easily, and it also reduces the heat on really hot days. The Leader has 100% waterproof ultrasonic seams that will keep your bike dry during heavy storms. It is also UV resistant, and provides protections from dust, heat, dirt, snow, and rain. The Leader Accessories Cover includes a two year warranty

6.TMS XLarge

The TMS XLarge was created to fit larger bikes such as Yamaha, Harley, and Kawasaki cruisers that other covers can’t fit. It is made of a mildew resistant material that is non-abrasive. It provides superior protection with center eyelets that allow locks to fit through the bottom.

7. Formosa X-Large Indoor and Outdoor Motorcycle Cover w/Storage Bag

The Formosa X-Large Indoor and Outdoor Motorcycle Cover w/Storage Bag is made of a mildew resistant material that is also non-abrasive, lightweight, and repels water. It fits several manufacturers including Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki. It is windproof, and durable with double stitched seams that will keep out the dirt, pollutants, UV rays, and bad weather. It comes with an integrated elastic hem that includes a bungee cord for a snug fit. The bottom also is lockable with center eyelets, and a hook that prevents loss to wind. The Formosa includes a chamois panel to protect your windshield from scratches, and a heat resistant thermos guard on the lower panel of the skirt to prevent burning from a hot muffler.

8. Classic Accessories MotoGear Deluxe

The Classic Accessories MotoGear Deluxe is created for large touring motorcycles. It is made with ProtekX fabric that resist UV rays, but doesn’t deteriorate from sitting out in the sun and rain. Made of heavy-duty a material that includes a heat shield, and non-scratch windshield liner with air vents, it works well in places with harsh weather. It includes a reflective cover trim helps to increase visibility at night, and a metallic heat shield that protects the cover from hot exhaust pipes. The included air vents lower moisture inside the cover, and helps to keep the cover down during high winds. The MotoGear Deluxe fits snugly with elastic tie-down cords that keep the cover tight across the bottom with a lockable bottom.

9. Pilot Automotive Motorcycle Cover

The Pilot Automotive Motorcycle Cover is a great option in the motorcycle cover market, and is a terrific choice for vehicle protection. It is designed with a durable fabric that is made with water resistant material that keeps you motorcycle safe from harsh weather. It is ideal for traveling, and folds flat for easy storage.

10. Champion Covers Harley Davidson Heritage

The Champion Covers Harley Davidson Heritage is a superior, high quality cover that works in all kinds of weather. It also comes with a lock and cable to keep your bike safe from the weather, and from being stolen. It is made with a fleece lining that protects the windshield, and the fuel tank for incredible protection. This is a mid-weight, highly water resistant motorcycle cover that is ideal for traveling, and packs up small and light. It is made with a breathable but water repellent “Weatherguard” Polyester. It is durable with double top stitches, and a heat resistant lower panel with clamshell vents that resists lofting and condensation. It has a snug fit with reinforced poly grommet at the front and center. It also includes a lock and 3 foot cable, and a two year warranty.

The Best Motorcycle Cover choice goes to the Leader Accessories Cover. It has three layers of protection including Spunbond Polypropylene, a waterproof film, and a UV coating. The Leader Accessories Cover will protect your bike from the sun, the weather, and moisture that can get trapped inside the cover. It also has a 100% waterproof ultrasonic seam that protects your bike during heavy storms, plus it has a breathable fabric that allows significant air circulation under the cover. The Leader Accessories Cover is definitely the Most Bang For Your Buck cover on the market.